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NamUs is managed by the University of North Texas Health Science Center, in Fort Worth, Texas, and is administered by the National Institute of Justice, in Washington, DC.

For specific information about a NamUs case, click “Contacts” within the case to see the investigating agency or view the Regional Program Specialist map.


NamUs toll-free hotline: (855) 626-7600

NamUs Mailing Address

NamUs at UNT Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Media Contact

Sheila Jerusalem
Office of Justice Programs ,
Office of Communications
(202) 616-3227

Congressional Inquiries

Adam Spector
Office of Justice Programs ,
Office of Communications
(202) 307-0703

Our Team

William Bailey (bio)
Supervisor, NamUs AFIS/Fingerprint Unit
(817) 735-5117
Lynley Dungan (bio)
Executive Director, NamUs Information Technology Development
Melissa Gregory (bio)
Team Leader, Analytical and Case Support Division
(817) 304-0893
Todd Matthews (bio)
Director, Case Management and Communications
(817) 408-6723
Tiffany Mow (bio)
Director, Victim Services Unit
(817) 735-5118
Pamela Reed (bio)
Team Leader, Case Management Division
(817) 666-5432
B.J. Spamer (bio)
Executive Director, NamUs Operations
(817) 964-1879